The course tutors are Peat Oberon (Course 'O') or Ambrose Burne (Course 'B')

The two courses are very different, so it is important to read the descriptions below before choosing which course is right for you.

Course 'O': Friday 3-7pm, Saturday 9-6pm, Sunday 9-3.30pm £340                           

Course 'B': Saturday 9-7pm, Sunday 9-4pm £290                   

Calendar 2017:

5/O     June 30-July 2     Peat Oberon, Eamonn Kenward                     Completed

 6/B    July 22-23              Ambrose Burne, Eamonn Kenward                Completed

 (We don’t run courses in August, as we find that most people tend to be away on holiday)

 7/O    Sept 8-10            Peat Oberon, Eamonn Kenward                      Completed

 8/B    Sept 30-Oct 1     Ambrose Burne, Eamonn Kenward                Completed

 9/O    Nov 3-5               Peat Oberon, Eamonn Kenward                       2 places left

 10/B  Nov 11-12            Ambrose BurneEamonn Kenward                5 places left

We provide tools, safety glasses, aprons and gloves - you may bring your own if you prefer. Please wear old clothes - long-sleeved cotton shirts and jeans are ideal - not tee-shirts or shorts as these expose you to sparks; and we do require you to equip yourself with steel toecap work boots to comply with safety requirements (we can tell you how to get good boots, very reasonably priced, online).

The cost of the courses includes all materials, plus tea/coffee/water/juice, and light lunch. Parking is free.

The Courses:

Introductory Course 'O' led by Peat Oberon introduces students to all 7 of the basic operations of blacksmithing through a tightly-planned programme of object-based procedures that result in all students making a loop-&-tendril poker on the first afternoon, a hanging basket bracket on the second day, and a ram's head toasting fork on the third day. This is a very impressive amount of work to get through in the time, and the sense of achievement is tremendous. The assistant tutor is Eamonn Kenward.

This course runs from Friday afternoon to Sunday afternoon. The cost is £340.

(A very good idea of what Peat gets his students to do can be seen on his website:   His courses in Middlesbrough are identical to the ones he leads here)        

Introductory Course 'B' led by Ambrose Burne is more design-based and exploratory, introducing the student to the basic operations via a mixture of set pieces with an exploration of the student's own ideas developed with Ambrose's help. It’s a good idea to think about what you might want to make in advance, in general terms – don’t be too ambitious - entrance gates really aren't a possibility! The assistant tutor is Eamonn Kenward.

This course runs from Saturday morning to Sunday afternoon. The cost is £290.