Course Information

Both courses below are suitable for absolute beginners, male and female, from the age of about 15 upwards. Metalworkers seeking to gain a basic knowledge of iron-forging are also welcome.

  • Classes are limited to 8 students, each with a fully-equipped work station.
  • The work rate is intensive - expect to be pleasantly tired by the end of the weekend!
  • With well over 600 happy students to date, we can guarantee that you will enjoy yourself enormously.
  • We provide all tools, safety glasses, ear defenders, aprons and gloves - you may bring your own if you wish. All you need are robust footwear, jeans and a long sleeve top. Basically you want to cover up from sparks but allow free movement.
  • The cost of the course includes all materials, tea, coffee, water, juice and lunch.

Course O

Peat Oberon

2.5 Days

Introduces the 7 basic operations of blacksmithing through a tightly planned programme:

All students move through object-based procedures and create a loop & tendril poker, hanging basket and a ram's head toasting fork - a very impressive achievement in the time. No design input is required from the student.



Course P

Peter Parkinson

2 Days

A more design-based course, exploratory and permissive. Peter demonstrates decorative forging techniques which students then experiment with, under his guidance, to explore their own design ideas with Peter's help, and make diverse objects.

It's good to have some idea of what you might like to create before the course - but nothing too ambitious - you have about a day, and entrance gates really aren't a possibility!.


* with discount - see booking terms

Results - Recent Work from the Courses